Importer Etc.,Inc

India is known for its wooden handicrafts made by the talented artisans for centeruries. This art of manufacturing is limited to certain families in a city of saharanpur located in North India in the state of Uttar Pradesh. I am proud to be a member of one of those families engaged in this art of manufacturing wooden handicrafts for time immemorial. Ever since I migrated to US , I have been promoting this handicraft in the US. I am very pleased that my wooden candle holders are being appreciated and demanded all over the country. My business has been growing by leaps & bounds every year.

I am always ready to incorporate the specific designs for the specific buyers. This way we keep on creating new designs all year round without any rest.

About Manufacturing:

These, wooden candle holders, are made out of Mango wood. God has blessed India with a great varieties of Mango's which have different sizes ,shapes, colors and tastes. Indian Mango's are one of the best Mango's produce in the world. Some of the best Mango's are known as Alfonso, Chouse, Dasehri, Qulmai, Langra and Gulab Jamun, Summer Bahisht, Ratol etc. Mango is a national fruit of India and it is admired all over the world for its tastes and fragrances.

After the Mango trees get old and stops producing the fruit, these tress are used for the handicrafts and furniture purposes. Before the start of manufacturing we dry and treat the wood for the best results. New trees are planted in the place of old trees so that crops keep growing and people continue enjoying the wide varieties of sweet Mango's.

The benefit of selling Mango wood candle holders are as sweet as the sweet Mango's them selves.